Do not look back.

When you are on your deathbed, you won’t regret anything you did, but only the things you didn’t do. Don’t regret anything you did in the past. Look at what you did as helpful training for the future. Look forward.

Do not be late.

Being late is a choice. There are things that you would never be late for. These are the most important things to you. Make everything you do as important as these and don’t be late for anything you commit to.

Do not say ‘Yes’ if you mean ‘No’.

Don’t commit to things that you are not really committed to.  Say ‘No’ often, so that it means something when you say ‘Yes’. And when you say ‘Yes’, don’t be late.

Do not gossip.

Anyone who talks about others without them being around, probably does the same about you. You don’t want to be part of that. Just walk away when people gossip. You have nothing to gain.

Do not Interrupt.

Don’t disrespect people with the illusion of a conversation when you just want to share your opinion. The good listener also genuinely tries to recap what they just heard (without weaving in their own twist).

Do not be angry or frustrated.

Focus your energy on what you can control. Focus on the future, not on other people or on the past. Don’t resent. Don’t be jealous. Don’t hold a grudge. It does not help you.

Do not be afraid.

The worst thing that can happen when you do something hard, new or scary, is that you learn from the experience, wether you succeed or fail. If you take this approach in life, you can only succeed.