In getting ready for the New Year I always try to re-align how I spend my time on my priorities. The hardest part is to get really hardcore about picking them (and more importantly start ignoring the stuff that does not make it on the list…).

One of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin is coming to the rescue with a new book, “Pick Four” where he dusts of the great work of Zig Ziglar. Thanks Ray for the gift Smile (an good luck with your kick start project!)

Some other interesting blogs that I catch up on during my Christmas vacation are Charles Fitzgerald (Always insight full and often inspiring) and I made the time to read some of Steven Sinofsky his older blog post (5 years and older) that are full of great management insights from one of the best Software Engineers in the world.

Finally I’m reminded that we need to pace ourselves while working 80 hours per week, to at least do it with a break here and there…Einstein actually slept 12 hours a day…well, I’ll not likely get to that point anytime soon…