This week I got inspired by someone who pointed me to the and an amazing TED presentation.

I’ve often wondered when giving great lectures would no longer be the monopoly of famous institutions and how the internet would really revolutionize learning. After being pointed at Khan earlier this week, and given we’re on vacation for the holidays I decided to give it a try…..I’m blown away…..

In the past 2 days I’ve spend many hours catching up and refreshing my skills on statistics and economics, and wove in some fun history lessons and even art classes….The gaming components of the method, on top of it’s instant rewards are addicting. I even find my self going into some competition with my son on math…


My wife has to draw me away from the screen to get us to the beach…if it motivates me like this, I can only imagine how it works for young people who are craving even more for new knowledge….

Amazing….you should try it