Is charging Cloud ERP by the number of users rather than by the amount of Cloud ERP they use fair?

Fairness is something we all want and expect. Whether it’s buying a new car or paying monthly bills, everybody believes in receiving a quality product at a reasonable price. It only makes sense! When things are unfair, we all know it. Why should you get charged for growing your business?

It wouldn’t make sense if your water utility bill was based on the number of plants you have in your yard rather than the amount of water you use per month.  What if you want to expand your garden add new plants? It’d be unfair if you had to pay for every extra flower you add.

When Christmas rolls around, your electricity bill shouldn’t be based on each individual person that admires your Christmas lights. That would be unfair. It only makes sense to pay for the total amount of electricity you use.

If you decided to throw a party, would it be fair if the number of guests in your home determined the size of your mortgage? You shouldn’t be penalized for having additional people in your household. Your mortgage should be based on the total value of your home.

Similar to these scenarios, many Cloud ERP vendors get away with charging for each additional user. Doing so increases their profits and puts more money in their pockets. Small businesses like to pay-per-user because it saves them money—until their company grows and they find themselves locked into a contract with their ERP vendor. Tracking every single user and limiting the number of logins hurts your productivity and progress. These kinds of Cloud ERP vendors require you to pay for growing your business.

Some vendors give you the option of reducing the number of users if you need to downsize. But who would feel comfortable deleting user accounts that contain valuable data?  You’re either paying to keep your data or deleting users to save money. It’s a lose-lose situation.

You need a Cloud ERP option that allows for room to grow and understands that as your company grows, so do your business needs. Acumatica firmly believes in providing customers with fair prices and a quality product. You only pay for what you use, be it cloud capacity, infrastructure, or bandwidth—no more, no less.

We at Acumatica are happy to lead the way in re-educating customers on what’s fair and what makes sense. It’s not about the users; it’s all about the usage.